SHUEIDO has been providing high quality
Gravure printing to the Japanese market since 1948.

Our passion for packaging is generations old and SHUEIDO has evolved
to become a provider of complete packaging solutions for premium food companies.
Shueido currently exports packaging products to Australia. We welcome enquiries from overseas countries.
Please visit our English Web site http://www.shueido.com.au/

You will have peace of mind, because SHUEIDO
- use only Japanese made materials for absolute safety and hygiene
- provide high quality gravure printing

Shueido has state of the art computer controlled QA system in
printing and lamination process.

- precision registration by computer monitoring
- inks, adhesives and films - only Japanese made are used
- products and process are all compliant with food safety regulations in Japan
- ISO9001 certified

Shueido specialises in Gravure printing.

- sharper & finer image
- deeper, rich colours
- maximum 9 colour printing, mat & gloss

Shueido Office Address: 4-5-2 Matsugaya, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-3842-5773
Fax: 03-3845-4619
Please visit our English Web site http://www.shueido.com.au/